Children and Sport

Images showing different stages of bowling a cricket ballChildren are actively encouraged to participate in exercise and sports, however, many of those children experience pain and injuries.  At Balance-Rite Osteopathy we treat many children for varied reasons but their activity in sports can play a major factor.  Many of our adult patients are often very surprised to hear that we treat children, after all they are not ‘old’ and degenerating!  In just the same way that no exercise or sporting activity is bad for you, too much can also place their growing framework under incredible stresses and when these forces become too much, strain and subsequently injury occurs.

It makes perfect sense that if particular areas of the body are being placed under continuous strain, at some point injury will occur.  We also highly recommend that children who regularly play sports, are not left to experience injury before coming for treatment because prevention is far better than cure! Injuries can lead to chronic issues allowing underlying mechanically weak areas to develop, which may lead to repeated injuries with them unable to perform at their best or at all.

We have a great deal of experience treating children who are involved in sport at a high level, our own daughter currently plays cricket for Surrey at CAG level.  I was actually shocked myself after taking the photographs above, when I saw how the camera had captured the positions in which her body was placed during simply bowling a cricket ball!  Each of these movements requires a great deal of force being placed through the spine, pelvis and all the joints of her framework and when watching her bowling from the sideline – these individual movements are not seen!  This is also true of any other sport, we frequently treat many children who row, ski, dance, do gymnastics, karate, run, play football, rugby, hockey and ride horses with their injuries linked to their particular sporting activity.

Many parents are unaware of the necessity to keep a growing child’s body regularly maintained, especially if they are regularly participating or are competing at a high level, so that they can continue to participate in their sport or hobby, injury and pain free!

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