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At Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic we assess and treat using the whole body, Classical Osteopathic Approach, sometimes called ‘The Body Adjustment’. We use this method because the human musculo-skeletal framework is  made up of  hundreds of separate parts (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, blood vessels) which all need to be working together as one unit, for optimum functioning of the body as a whole. When one of the parts of the whole is not working properly, it places extra strain & workload on other areas, causing those parts to become strained and also work less efficiently – which places another area under strain- and so it goes on throughout the body parts, so that the whole becomes affected, no longer functioning as a whole but as separate parts.

An image showing how the patients pelvis is shifted to the right & her shoulder girdle to the left.

Notice in this patient how the whole body & musculo-skeletal framework is involved in her condition. Her pelvis is swung to the right , her shoulder girdle to the left & all the soft tissues in her structure are asymmetrical and the tensions compromised.

What to expect at your first consultation:
After the details of your condition and your medical history has been taken, it will be necessary to undress to your underwear for a full assessment of your whole musculo-skeletal framework to see the extent to which the different parts of your body have become affected. Any relevant orthopaedic or neurological tests will be carried out at this stage. Please ensure you wear underwear that you are comfortable in, as you will be asked to perform some simple bending movements of the spine and pelvis. (If you would rather you can wear shorts, thin stretchy leggings or a swimsuit)

Macroscopic Structural Examination
This reveals how the musculo-skeletal framework of your body functions as a whole unit and any gross shifts & twists of your body parts can be seen. Where these are very noticeable, a photograph may be taken at initial assessment in order to show you how your body is affected. Many patients are quite shocked to find they are quite twisted! See ‘our approach to assessment’ for more details HERE.

Microscopic Structural Examination
Microscopic examination reveals how the vertebral bones of the spine can become twisted out of alignment in some, or many areas of the spine. This in turn has a detrimental affect on the mechanical functioning of the whole spine – which in turn can have a profound effect on the rest of the musculo-skeletal framework of your body and the way in which it functions as a whole unit . See ‘our approach to assessment’ for more details HERE.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
Your diagnosis and treatment options will be explained to you and whether or not treatment at our clinic is suitable for you. If it is, a treatment plan will be drawn up. If you are happy to proceed with treatment, any risks that apply to you will be explained before treatment begins, so that the flow of treatment is not interrupted. If necessary, we will refer you to other health care professionals if we feel that this will be of more benefit to you.


We use the Classical Osteopathy approach to treat your whole musculo-skeletal framework. Read more about our approach to treatment HERE.

For treatment sessions, if it would make you more comfortable, you may wear loose fitting shorts, lightweight track suit bottoms, stretchy leggings or swimsuit, unless the osteopath feels that they would have a detrimental effect on the benefits of treatment, in which case that will be explained to you.

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