Chronic Back Pain for six months following Hip Replacement. Resolved after only five treatment sessions!

photo showing before & after classical osteopathy treatment

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This months life-changing story is of a 64yr old patient that had been suffering with chronic low back pain for 6 months, following a total right hip replacement in April 2015. She limped into clinic three days before Christmas, helped by her daughter, who assisted with removing her shoes and helping her move around the room and on the treating table.  She was unable to stand or walk for longer than 5 minutes without experiencing acute low back pain that stopped her in her tracks. A keen walker prior to her hip deterioration, she had expected to be given a new lease of life following her hip replacement, instead in agony she had received physiotherapy for one month with exercises to do at home (some of which she was unable to do because of pain) and a course of hydrotherapy. With her symptoms of pain getting increasingly worse her consultant, happy with her hip, referred her to see a different consultant for her back, who had advised further physiotherapy and Mri scans to be carried out.  It was necessary for her hip to be replaced with a larger one than her own, which resulted in a leg length discrepancy of between 1cm and 2.5cm dependent on who she spoke to!

After her first treatment in our clinic she felt no pain for three days. Due to Christmas it was 3 weeks before she came for treatment again, but she was able to walk & stand for 10 minutes now. After her 2nd treatment she was able to walk much easier and after her 3rd walked for over two hours without pain in one day, suffered aching muscles the next from all that walking, but did a further 1/2hr walking the following day without any pain! Her back pain had resolved and not returned by her 5th session and she had been able to walk again for over 2hrs over the weekend.  She reported feeling so much more comfortable in her whole body, and was now able to put her own shoes on without a problem! Amazed at having recovered in only 5 treatment sessions, 4 of those over a period of only two weeks, she laughed on receiving her appointment for her scan, due next week!

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