Acute Muscle Spasm following ‘quick fix’ HVT manipulative treatment

I called Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic in desperation after I had experienced a sharp pain across my low back, with pain shooting into my legs and I was left in agony. I had done nothing to cause this pain other than walk up a few steps but it stopped me in my tracks. I had seen a different osteopath in Chertsey a few weeks previously for neck and low back pain, but was unable to get hold of them and was very concerned, as I had never experienced pain like this before.

Even though I am only 31 years old, I have suffered with low back pain, pain between my shoulders and neck pain for many years with frequent episodes of pain. During such an episode, I have been to see many osteopaths over the years and they would treat me with a combination of massage, manipulation and ultrasound, directing treatment to the area of my painful symptoms. This was the treatment I had received two weeks earlier.

However, on this occasion, Karen took a photograph of my back showing me where my back had gone into a protective muscle spasm and what this had done to my pelvis and spine. She explained that after many years of repeated manipulations, mechanically my back was no longer able to adjust for this ‘quick-fix’ method of manipulation to the symptomatic areas of my body, hence the sudden severe pain with no causative factor. The photograph clearly showed how my problems were far greater than just the two areas where I was feeling pain, and what Karen explained made perfect sense.

In all the years I have seen other osteopaths, I have never been shown these problems in my back, or has it been explained to me to why I keep suffering these episodes of pain.

Karen explained to me that in order to get me out of the acute pain I was in, I would need intensive treatment over a one to two week period. I saw Karen daily for three days, feeling easier after each treatment and then had a gap of 3 days, during which time Karen said I should continue each day to feel easier, which I did. By the time I saw her again for the fourth treatment, only 6 days after the acute episode occurred, I was very much better and back to where I had been three weeks previously when I saw the other osteopath.

What I found remarkable, was that Karen’s treatment was so different from any osteopathic treatment I have received in the past and that her whole treatment approach was very gentle. It didn’t hurt and because of this, I didn’t dread going to see her each time. I was already suffering extreme pain and I didn’t want to be worked on in such a way that it caused me any more pain than I was already in!

At the fourth treatment Karen took another photograph and it was amazing to see how in less than a week, you could see the difference that had been made. I am also very pleased at the speed in which Karen has got me out of pain and would recommend her approach to anyone suffering with pain.

Paul Frith, Chertsey, Surrey

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