Six months of head pain & a ‘fuzzy’ head

Stock photo showing a woman with head pain.

“It’s a virus” the gp said “take ibuprofen four times a day for a month.”

“It’s a virus” the doctor told me, “take ibuprofen four times a day for one month”. I couldn’t believe this was the case. I was having pain in the right side of my neck and into my right shoulder and was unable to turn my head properly, I was also experiencing a very ‘fuzzy,’ unclear head which made it very difficult for me to concentrate for too long. I had also explained that each month, on the day before my period was due, I was getting a really nasty pain on the top of my head which eased off, but didn’t go completely. I’d been having these symptoms on and off now for six months and they were getting increasingly worse. So when I told my friend what the doctor had said, she immediately said, “go and see Karen, at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic”.

I made an appointment straight away and Karen assessed me thoroughly, showed me pictures and explained to me that I had areas of mechanical dysfunction in my spine which could be affecting the blood supply to my head and neck. What she said made more sense than it being a virus, so with nothing to lose, I gave it a go!

I was completely in awe! After the very first treatment in January 2015 my head was clear and has stayed clear ever since! I took only three treatments for my head and neck movements to return to normal. The day of my fourth treatment my period was due the next day and I had the pain in the top of my head. Karen did some wonderful work on my head and scalp, which made me want to go to sleep and the pain was gone by the time I got off of her bench! My period came and went head-pain free!

This has been a truly unbelievable experience and I’m just so glad I didn’t opt for the ibuprofen route with all the horrible side effects this could have had, when it was completely unnecessary! I would definitely recommend anyone to try treatment at Balance-Rite.

Kathleen Prior
Weybridge, Surrey
11th March 2015

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