Acute Back Pain on Holiday

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Gary couldn’t believe how different our treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy was compared to the five other osteopaths he has seen in the past.

I was away on holiday in August 2012, staying in a hotel and had bent down to do my boot up in my room just before breakfast and felt a surge of pain in my back and it just seized-up and I couldn’t move. The landlady and my wife both had to help me down the stairs so I could eat breakfast. When I got home I was still in agony and my neighbour recommended I go to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic because they had sorted him out.

I have been to five or six different osteopaths over the years around where I live in Staines and one in Feltham, as my back kept ‘seizing-up’ every six months or so. They all treated me pretty much the same – with a ‘quick- fix’ or a ‘rush & crack’ is what I’d call it! A bit of massaging in my back, a stretch where it hurt and then a crack. I’m glad I found Balance-Rite. Their treatment is very different and so much better. I had a course of treatment, which treated my whole body each time, not just the bit that hurt! And once the pain was gone I decided to opt for their once-a-month maintenance treatment to keep everything moving. I’ve been going now for a couple of years and my back has never felt better!

Occasionally I do something stupid at work or at home, lifting or bending awkwardly, but a quick call and one treatment generally sorts me out!

I would recommend Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic to anyone with back problems, it’s the best treatment I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve tried out a few others in the past, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Gary Bissel
Staines, Surrey

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