Sciatica & leg pain took me to the osteopath – their quick referral found a tumour in my leg muscle

I had been suffering with sciatica for over three weeks before a family member recommended I went to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. I had been putting mastik on some guttering up a ladder and the next day I was feeling pain in my low back, groin, right thigh & hip & pins and needles in my leg, during the night just above my ankle I had an awful aching, which prevented me from sleeping well. During the day this was a dull ache. I had seen my Gp three weeks previously about the sciatica but I also asked for advice on a large lump I had found in the front of my thigh/groin. The gp told me “she didn’t know what it is, but doesn’t think its anything to worry about” and for the sciatic pain prescribed strong painkillers.

I was exhausted when I saw Karen on my first session, through pain and lack of sleep. Karen thoroughly assessed my whole spine and pelvis and also felt and examined the lump in my leg. She explained why the sciatica was occurring and advised me how she would treat it. For the lump in my leg, she was not happy with what my Gp had advised and said I should return to the doctors surgery and see a different Gp for a second opinion immediately, because she felt this could be a lump growing on the inside of the muscle.

Karen set about treating the sciatica and sorted my back out in five sessions. I took her advice and saw a different Gp and was referred to see a consultant within a week. On seeing him I was referred for blood tests and an Mri scan within another week and within three weeks had been diagnosed with a lipoma – a thankfully benign tumour growing inside of the muscle in my leg. Again within weeks this was operated and removed. I am now recovering well and will return to Karen for some help with my rehabilitation.

I am just so grateful that I went to see Karen, who with her highly skilled sense of touch, identified there was a problem and got this process moving. Had I not seen her, things may have been a lot more serious than they turned out to be.

Janet (surname supplied)
Sunningdale, Surrey

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