Treatment for Early Stages of Scoliosis in Brother and Sister

Image of two patient's, next to their testimonial

Ollie & Tilly receive treatment for early scoliosis of their spines at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic.

I attend Balance-Rite Osteopathy on a three weekly basis, just to keep me on track with posture and flexibility as my age progresses. I find it really, really useful. We service our cars regularly, but few people have their own bodies regularly maintained!

My son Oliver is now 12 and my daughter is 10. Their mum suffers from scoliosis and as a precautionary measure I took both of them to Karen for a check up, as it’s the onslaught of puberty that starts this condition, for reasons unknown by the medical experts!

Ollie particularly showed early signs with a sloping shoulder, a muscular bump to the side of his spine, and a left foot that points outward slightly. Tilly showed less signs at that time but has started to recently.

Its the sort of thing you wouldn’t really notice in day to day life, only when an expert points out the body alignment issues, do you suddenly see it!

Both Ollie and Tilly go now every two weeks and both their backs, body alignment and posture really look good. This treatment will continue for some time, to ensure that we have done everything possible to avoid them both developing their mums condition. Money well spent!

Rob Strange,
Ollie 12yrs and Tilly 10 yrs
West End, Surrey.

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