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Richard was told by his previous osteopath that there was nothing that could be done, after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, he enjoys a better golf-swing – pain free!

I had only been at my new job for one week and it was a crucial time as the company was moving and we all had to help. I couldn’t believe it when my back suddenly went on me. I couldn’t move. My partner had to take me to A&E where they gave me some painkillers which were no good as I’m allergic to painkillers. I was recommended to go to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic by my massage therapist who had been trying to manage my repeated back problems over the past few years, after I was told by my previous osteopath that there was nothing that could be done for me.

They assessed my whole body mechanics and explained that although I was feeling pain in my right low back, the problem was actually being caused from the spine in the middle of my back. I was told that this is very common in people who play golf, as this sport affects the mechanical functioning of the middle of the spine.

I was also given the option of having an intensive course of treatment, which involved three treatments in the first week, as this would be the quickest way to resolve the problem. I was very dubious, I was, however, in agony and having suffered with a similar problems in the past that took around a month to get better I thought this was being very hopeful. I opted for this route as I wanted to keep my new job! Well, I couldn’t believe it, by the end of the second week the pain had gone completely and I was fully mobile, able to cycle to and from work and get back to my hobbies! Absolutely fantastic!

I have learnt a lot about my back at Balance-Rite, as I have been visiting for regular maintenance sessions in order to prevent another relapse and to maintain the work that has been done to improve the function of my mid-back. With the golf swing being all one-sided my muscles had built up unequally on each side of my spine. The great news is that my golf-swing is now so much better and I no longer have any niggles when I play!

Thanks for everything,

Richard Taylor, Chertsey, Surrey.

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