Scoliosis – Canoe racing and half marathons

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Janie has maintenance treatment as she feels it keeps her joints more mobile and her able to enjoy all her activities

I was diagnosed with a scoliosis when I was about 30. I have always been active and enjoyed sport and it has never prevented me from doing anything I wanted to do. I was conscious that having this condition makes it even more important for me to look after myself as the years go by, to prevent pain and problems in later life.

I have been going to Karen for a couple of years now. The treatment is gentle, and I look forward to a good chat with Karen while she does it. I will continue with “maintenance” treatment indefinitely because it noticeably helps to keep my back and joints more mobile, making it easier to continue with all the activities that I love – recent challenges include the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster canoe race, and the “Grim Challenge” as well as a couple of half marathons each year. Long may that continue!

Janie Lee , West End, Surrey


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