Low Back Injury During Training

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Chloe has returned to her hobby of rowing, pictured at the front in this photo.

I approached Karen for Osteopathy treatment after I had some pain in my lower back. I am part of a rowing club and think I injured myself in one of my training sessions. After realising the pain wouldn’t go away on its own, I was recommended to see Karen from my rowing coach.

I noticed relief after my first treatment. I was able to get back to rowing after just a few treatments and noticed the benefit immediately, I now have much free-er movement in my lower back and no longer experience any pain.

Karen was fantastic; very professional and knowledgeable and I trusted her with my treatment completely. I liked her gentle approach and the methods she uses suited me well.

Chloe Hand, Ashford, Middx.

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