Elbow Pain

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Johnny no longer wakes up during the night in agony

I first started treatment with Karen because I was up every night in the early hours, pacing the room because my elbow was hurting. My doctor had told me it was arthritis and I went to see Karen after my wife and daughter had some very successful treatment.

I was amazed at how, after so long and having not been offered any treatment by my doctor, that I too got relief from my pain. I no longer wake up in the night in agony.

I now have regular maintenance treatment, as Karen not only worked on my elbow but on my whole body – and my hands and back now feel so much better that I look forward to my sessions.

It was at one of these sessions that Karen noticed what she told me was muscle wasting between my thumb and forefinger of my left hand and she immediately referred me to my GP.

Thanks to her keen eye in catching it early,I have just had surgery for ulnar nerve decompression and carpel tunnel syndrome, which if it had been left any longer would have resulted in wastage of all the muscles in my hand and then I would have been unable to use my hand. As a self-employed window cleaner this would have been disastrous.

John Sherwood
March 2014
Chertsey, Surrey

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