18 months Sufferer of Back and Lower Abdomen Pain

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Ana, after 18 months of suffering, was ecstatic after having treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy clinic and then travelling in a car for 25 hours. She had no pain when she got there and couldn’t believe it!

Karen Brewer has helped me with osteopathy since I was suffering from constant and often really strong pain in my lower abdomen for a year and a half. No medication could help me and often I wasn’t able to get out of the bed and lead a normal life. I am from Serbia and as we do not have osteopaths in our country, I did not know that it would help me.

In the past two years I experienced surgery after an ectopic pregnancy, a stillbirth at 38 weeks of pregnancy and a miscarriage, so I presumed that pain was a consequence of these conditions. Actually, many doctors told me that the pain is caused by the scar tissue that has developed after removal of the fallopian tube and that nothing can be done, except taking paracetamol.

Thanks to Karen’s experience and capability to give a correct diagnosis, after only 2 treatments from her, the pain had subsided and after 4 treatments was almost completely gone. She diagnosed that my pelvis wasn’t in the right position and that was the main cause of my pain. Once she resolved it, I felt so much better. It is so nice not to feel pain. Abdominal pain became normal to me and now that it is gone I can do so much more and I appreciate it so much!

She also noticed that my spine is rigid and that was causing strong pain in my back, neck and left shoulder that was lasting for a couple of days every now and then. Karen also treated my spine and I rarely feel any of the above mentioned painful conditions. Even if I do, the recovery period is much faster, so after one day I am completely fine. Also, I had a treatment the same day before traveling by car all the way to Serbia (25 hours in a car) and experienced no pain at all, where I previously had. After that journey I felt absolutely great and even full of energy.

I can’t thank her enough for her help and I hope that more people will learn about Karen and her fantastic work and how much it can change your life, when everyone else has given up on you!

Ana Thorne
Stanwell, Middx

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