Pain in whole spine, top to bottom

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Caroline had tried several other osteopaths and initially put off coming to BRO as she didn’t think we would be any different from the many others she had seen. She has not looked back since and her cat, Tabitha, is over the moon with Caroline’s new found energy to chase her!

I have had back problems on and off for the past 25 years and having hit the big 5-0 last year, realised that if I didn’t sort it out now, by the time I reached 60 I may not be able to walk. My back problems have affected all aspects of my life, and I frequently took pain killers to try and deal with the ongoing pain. My problems started with lower back pain and over the years, moved up my back, so that I ended up with pain along the whole of my spine from neck to bottom. I have seen a number of osteopaths over the years who have provided very short term relief, but none that seemed to be able to make any improvements longer term.

Karen was recommended to me and, I have to admit, it was with some trepidation that I went to see her for the first time, after all what could she do that other osteopaths couldn’t? However, it was quite clear from that first session that Karen’s approach was completely different. She commented that my spine was completely “dysfunctional” but reassured me that she would certainly be able to improve things. The techniques Karen has used on me have been quite gentle and encompass the whole spine rather than just cracking one particular area. In fact, very little cracking is involved! After just the first few sessions, I was experiencing a major improvement in mobility and reduced pain.

There is no denying it is a long term commitment for me – particularly as I have had my back problems for so long. And I must play my part by doing the exercises she has prescribed (some days I manage more often than others!). However, without doubt, seeing Karen has changed my life – I didn’t think I would ever have days without back pain and these are happening more frequently and more frequently now. Karen has always been calm, courteous and makes you feel safe in her hands. I would recommend her to anyone.

Caroline Carpenter
Knaphill, Surrey


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