Low Back Pain in a Sport Enthusiast

Photos showing a patient before and after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey, Surrey.

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This patient is a member in the crew of a Dragon Boat Racing Team that represents Great Britain, having won a gold medal at The World Club Crew Championship & silver and bronze at The European Championships in 2014. He was recommended to come for treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic by his coach because of low back pain, with very painful symptoms radiating into his right leg. He had seen both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist two weeks previously who had both made his symptoms much worse. Unfortunately they had only treated his local symptoms and the physiotherapist had manipulated his back causing the patient to experience an increase in pain at the time, making the patient very nervous at the prospect of further treatment. Continue reading to see how this patient was assessed and treated differently.

In the left of the two photographs, using our approach of macro-examination, you can clearly see how his body is completely unbalanced, with the red spinal line not passing centrally through his neck, spine and pelvis. With many sports enthusiasts, the pelvis, spine and attaching soft tissues become unbalanced, very tight and loose their elastic quality. This was the case in this patient and no amount of ‘HVT’s and cracking of joints’ would have helped this patient.

Treatment began by having to gain the trust of this patient because, unfortunately, the physiotherapist had caused him such pain when manipulating his back that the patient found it very difficult to relax because of this.  However, after a course of only seven treatment sessions, you can see how his whole musculo-skeletal framework is now in balance, with the red spinal line passing centrally through his body. With the pelvis now central and level, the spine is able to sit squarely on top of it and the soft tissues are more symmetrically balanced between sides. In addition the ‘elastic’ quality of the soft tissues is returned and the forces now passing through his spine from the movement of his body and limbs, are distributed equally throughout the whole musculo-skeletal framework.  No high-velocity thrust (HVT) manipulations at all were used in the corrective, whole body treatment of this patient and he did not experience any pain, as he had done with his previous therapists.

Regular treatment is necessary to maintain the symmetrical balance of the musculo-skeletal framework and the elasticity in the soft tissues of the body. The regularity of this will be very much dependent on your age, sport, training regime and the amount of self-help care you undertake between treatment sessions, as well as some other lifestyle factors.

At Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, our approach, unlike other therapists, is not limited to assessment of just the local area of pain or treatment including the locking-up of the spine and cracking of joints, in the area where the pain is felt. Instead our approach assesses and treats the whole musculo-skeletal framework, returning it to a state of balance. This balance is necessary in sports people as well as every persons daily activities, from children through to adults. It is when the musculo-skeletal framework becomes out of balance and the soft tissues loose their elastic quality and shock absorption ability, that injuries occur. From the two photographs showing before and after the course of treatment, you can see how successful our approach has been in a very short space of time.


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