Acute Low Back & Leg Pain after ‘Quick-fix Treatment’ elsewhere.

Photos showing how a patients alignment was left after a 'quick-fix' HVT was used at another clinic, in comparison to photo showing a more balanced & symmetrical framework after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic.

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This patient called Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic in desperation, having experienced a sharp pain across his low back, with pain shooting into his legs, and he was  in agony. He was barely able to walk and had to be helped out of his car by his wife and helped into the clinic. He had made no particular bending or twisting movement to cause this pain, he was just walking up a few steps, but the sharp pain stopped him in his tracks. He had seen a different osteopath in Chertsey a few weeks previously for back and neck pain, but unable to get hold of them was very concerned, as he had never experienced pain like this before. At only 31 years old, he had suffered with low back pain, pain between his shoulders and neck pain, for many years with frequent episodes of pain. During such an episode, he had seen many different osteopaths and they would treat him with a combination of massage, manipulation and ultrasound, to the area where he felt his painful symptoms. Continue reading to see how he was treated differently at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic.

Photographs taken of his back, showed how this patients low back had gone into a protective muscle spasm and misaligned his whole pelvis and spine. This commonly occurs after many years of repeated local manipulations, as mechanically, the soft tissues of the spine become more and more rigid and with the passing of time and aging, are no longer able to adjust for this ‘quick-fix’ method of manipulation, hence the sudden severe pain with no causative factor. The photograph on the left clearly shows how this patients spine was misaligned and contorted, and how his problems were far greater than just the area where he was feeling pain. They also showed why he felt pain in the two areas of the neck and low back, as the vertebral bones of the spine were not straight, stacked one on top of another and acting as a whole unit, but instead were segmented and ‘twisted’ throughout giving no unity to his skeletal frame.

It was necessary to provide intensive osteopathic treatment for this patient because of the acute pain he was experiencing. Treated daily for three days using our whole body approach in which no manipulative thrusts were used at all, he felt easier after each treatment and then had a gap of 3 days, during which time he continued each day to feel easier. At the fourth treatment, only 6 days after the acute episode occurred, he was very much better and back to where he had been three weeks previously, when he had seen the other osteopath. He now attends for monthly maintenance treatment to maintain the mobility and alignment that has been restored in his body and four months on has had no acute relapse and has returned to enjoying his various activities!

The patient found our approach very different from what he had experienced and said “What I found remarkable, was that Karen’s treatment was so different from any osteopathic treatment I have received in the past and her whole treatment approach was very gentle. It didn’t hurt and because of this, I didn’t dread going to see her each time. I was already suffering extreme pain and I didn’t want to be worked on in such a way, that it caused me any more pain than I was already in! After the third treatment Karen took another photograph and it was amazing to see how in less than a week, you could see the difference that had been made. I am also very pleased at the speed in which Karen has got me out of pain and would recommend her approach to anyone suffering with pain.” To read the whole testimonial click here.


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