Low Back Pain due to Muscle Spasm – Keen fitness fanatic

Photo showing a patient before & after treatment at Balance_Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey, Surrey

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This patient was suffering with low back pain, a keen health and fitness fanatic, she had seen her personal trainer a few days previously for a workout. She hadn’t felt any pain at the time but could now barely move properly.  In the photographs taken, before and after treatment, you can see how the muscle spasm in her mid & low back was causing her pelvis to be pulled over to the right. Her shoulders have compensated by moving over to the left. This patient was very surprised to see how her back had contorted, she felt as though she was standing perfectly straight! A very common compensation that occurs and a very painful and limiting one! Continue reading to find out how this lady was treated at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey.

Assessment using our macro & microscopic approach, revealed a lack of mechanical balance, unity and functioning throughout her mid-spine and pelvis.

Treatment of this Patient
This patient’s whole spine, pelvis and all the attaching soft tissues were adjusted using our whole body approach, and was not aimed at just massaging her low back muscles where she felt the pain and ‘cracking’ her joints. The result, seen in the right of the two photos, was a centralised, level pelvis, giving a stable base for her spine and shoulder girdle to balance on top of. Her pain disappeared after a course of treatment and she now understands the importance of regular maintenance treatment, to keep her whole musculo-skeletal framework balanced. She continues to enjoy all her pursuits now, exercising her muscles and joints in the positions they should be.

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