Neck Pain – And IBS Sufferer

Neck Pain with Irritable Bowel Symptoms

A comparison of photos taken before and after the first treatment

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This patient had suffered with irritable type bowel symptoms for some years but also suffered with neck pain and back pain. Our whole body treatment approach, although aimed at the correction of mechanical dysfunction, can also have a beneficial effect on the different systems of the body. This is linked to the effect the musculo-skeletal system can have on the blood, nerve and lymphatic supplies to the separate organs of the body. Patients suffering with conditions such as irritable bowel or constipation may notice an improvement in their symptoms as the musculo-skeletal dysfunctions throughout their body improve. Continue reading to see how this patient was treated successfully at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey

 The photographs show the patient before and after her first treatment. The improvement in the level of her shoulders is clear to see in the right photograph, with the left shoulder now beneath the blue horizontal line. The improvement in the balance of her spine, pelvis and musculo-skeletal framework is also easily seen, as the red line now passes through her body more centrally, covering up her spine and passing centrally through her neck and head in the photograph on the right. Continue reading for details of how this patient was assessed and treated with our whole body approach.

Using our Macroscopic, mechanical diagnostic approach, assessment revealed:

  • Her left shoulder was held much higher on the left (see left shoulder above blue line in left photograph)
  • The muscles of the left shoulder, upper half of her spine between the left shoulder blade and up into the neck, were contracted and tight
  • The vertebrae in her neck were rotated and reduced in their mobility and range of movement
  • Her pelvic girdle and both lumbar and thoracic spine, were twisting away from the central spinal line (see red line in left photograph)

Using our microscopic, mechanical diagnostic approach, assessment revealed:
Chronic somatic dysfunction in her mid spine and the attaching soft tissues. With an unbalanced and unequal distribution of strain and tension being placed through them. These areas were very immobile and the spine was no longer working as one whole functioning unit, but in segmented parts. The soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia) had lost there ‘elastic’ quality and these areas were no longer able to provide the stability and shock absorption to the spine, neck and head, as effectively as they should. The pelvic side-shift meant that the lumbar spinal vertebrae were twisted, with no level, solid foundation to sit on. At Balance-Rite Osteopathy clinic we understand the links between the mechanical, musculo-skeletal dysfunctions and the detrimental effects these can sometimes have on the separate systems of your body.

Having continued with treatment, as her musculo-skeletal mechanical dysfuntions have improved, this patient has also experienced an improvement in her irritable bowel symptoms. During her course of treatment, she had some very serious and worrying news, which caused her loss of sleep and a great deal of increased stress over a period of 3-4 weeks. In the past, her irritable bowel symptoms would have been extremely bad at a time of increased stress but she reported only a mild upset and quickly improved once the stressful event had passed.

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