Children in Sport – repetitive movements can cause strain & injury

Images showing different stages of bowling a cricket ballIt is amazing when you consider the forces placed through the spine & pelvis during sporting activities, such as shown during the bowling action in these photos. Repetitive, asymmetrical movements of joints and parts of the body can lead to strain and injury in children as well as adults.  In children, this mechanical strain is often overlooked and not correctly diagnosed, when medical testing (x-rays/Mri scans etc.) comes back with ‘all-clear’; frequently resulting in a diagnosis of ‘growing pains’ and they will ‘grow out of it’.

Many children continue to suffer unnecessarily because they have not been assessed using the ‘Balance-Rite’ approach! Many conditions suffered during adulthood are as a direct result of problems experienced and not resolved during childhood development. With treatment to correctly adjustment their framework as they develop, problems in later life can be avoided! Any child experiencing pain should be assessed, especially those involved in an above average amount of sporting activity.

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