Clicking achey hip after fall from horse – Aged 12yrs

Photo of patient cuddling a horse she fell off

Brooke cuddles the horse that she fell & hurt her hip on.

Brooke first came to see Karen after a fall off of her favourite horse, Charlie, which caused her hip to click and ache intermittently.

Karen assessed Brooke and showed us that her whole structure was out of line, causing stiffness of movement in many parts of her body. She  explained exactly what she was going to do, in a way that Brooke understood and made her feel very comfortable about the whole process. Karen always warned Brooke before she did anything so that Brooke was able to relax and allow Karen to work.

From the first visit, Brooke’s hip stopped clicking and the ache went away. Within 4 sessions, Brooke was standing straighter and had much more movement throughout her body.

We are really pleased that Karen was able to help Brooke, and couldn’t have found anyone else who made the process so easy and worry free. I have recommended Karen to a number of people and will happily carry on doing so. She has magic hands and a very caring nature.

Brooke Beard – age 12
March 2015