Chronic Back Pain in patient suffering with Osteoporosis

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Janet, was too frightened to go to an osteopath afraid of having her back ‘cracked’, as she has osteoporosis. She hasn’t looked back since visiting us and no longer suffers with muscle spasms and her back seizing up.

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia which turned into osteoporosis. I had often suffered with my back, regularly having to take pain killers. My daughter went to see Karen for a back problem and when my back kept seizing up and going into spasm she told me to go and see her. To be honest I was too frightened. I was scared that the ‘clunking & clicking’ that osteopaths do would break my bones. My daughter told me that Karen didn’t have to treat that way and that it was very gentle and relaxing. I left it until my back was so bad that I couldn’t bear it any longer and have never looked back.

Karen assessed me and started treatment straight away. There was no ‘clunking or clicking’ in the treatment and it was wonderful to feel easier, straight after the first treatment. After a course of sessions it was great to be able to move freely again and I now have regular treatment to prevent getting back into the state I was in.

I would recommend anyone with osteopenia or osteoporosis and having back aches to see Karen as the treatment is unbelievably good. I went from having been diagnosed with osteopenia to osteoporosis within one year but since seeing Karen it hasn’t got any worse and my back feels so much better, without keep seizing up.

Janet Sherwood
Chertsey, Surrey

Enjoys Gardening and Spending time with her family – Aged 72yrs

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

June’s quality of life has improved tremendously since she began treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. Her debilitating bowel problem has improved, as has her back pain and arthritic hands.

I started coming to see Karen after a recommendation from my daughter. I had spent years suffering from extreme back pain, arthritis in my hands and a debilitating bowel problem which was beginning to rule my life.

I had been examined by countless GP’s, specialists and chiropractors but none had manged to offer me either a conclusive diagnosis or any long term relief.

Within a few visits to Karen, not only was my back starting to show signs of improvement but also the constant numbness in my thumb and pain in my hands and wrists was alleviating. Most notable was the change in my bowel activity. I now have several days of normality following my visit, allowing me to have a quality of life I had long thought would be an impossibility. Visiting Karen was the best decision I ever made. She has helped me more in the last few months than any other professional I have ever seen. I am deeply grateful to her and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

June Evans,
Staines, Middx.

Restricted movement in shoulder due to mastectomy & reconstructive surgery

Over 10 years ago I had extensive reconstructive surgery following mastectomy and treatment for breast cancer, but this resulted in the ligaments and muscles in my shoulder becoming tight and restricting the movement. To be honest I thought it was a small price to pay and something that I would have to live with.

But I was wrong, since visiting Karen, in just a few sessions she has managed to restore some of this movement. So now I can actually relax my shoulder, something I haven’t been able to do since my operation TEN years ago! I’m hopeful that after more treatments I’ll improve further.

I’m amazed that after this length of time this was even possible and I wish that I’d known about the treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, when i’d initially had my surgery.

Kind regards

Sue McNulty,
Ashford, Middlesex
Feb 2013

18 months Sufferer of Back and Lower Abdomen Pain

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Ana, after 18 months of suffering, was ecstatic after having treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy clinic and then travelling in a car for 25 hours. She had no pain when she got there and couldn’t believe it!

Karen Brewer has helped me with osteopathy since I was suffering from constant and often really strong pain in my lower abdomen for a year and a half. No medication could help me and often I wasn’t able to get out of the bed and lead a normal life. I am from Serbia and as we do not have osteopaths in our country, I did not know that it would help me.

In the past two years I experienced surgery after an ectopic pregnancy, a stillbirth at 38 weeks of pregnancy and a miscarriage, so I presumed that pain was a consequence of these conditions. Actually, many doctors told me that the pain is caused by the scar tissue that has developed after removal of the fallopian tube and that nothing can be done, except taking paracetamol.

Thanks to Karen’s experience and capability to give a correct diagnosis, after only 2 treatments from her, Continue reading