Sciatica & leg pain took me to the osteopath – their quick referral found a tumour in my leg muscle

I had been suffering with sciatica for over three weeks before a family member recommended I went to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. I had been putting mastik on some guttering up a ladder and the next day I was feeling pain in my low back, groin, right thigh & hip & pins and needles in my leg, during the night just above my ankle I had an awful aching, which prevented me from sleeping well. During the day this was a dull ache. I had seen my Gp three weeks previously about the sciatica but I also asked for advice on a large lump I had found in the front of my thigh/groin. The gp told me “she didn’t know what it is, but doesn’t think its anything to worry about” and for the sciatic pain prescribed strong painkillers.

I was exhausted when I saw Karen on my first session, through pain and lack of sleep. Karen thoroughly assessed my whole spine and pelvis and also felt and examined the lump in my leg. Continue reading

GB Dragon Boat Coach/Paddler

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Ian was able to return to his sport, having tried 2 months therapy from both a chiropractor & a physiotherapist. He got no relief from his very acute symptoms until he visited us at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic

Many thanks for sorting out my injury as quickly as possible.

After making no progress in almost two months of treatment with a chiropractor and physio, I was starting to wonder whether I would be able to resume my sport.

Thanks to your efforts, I am now fully back into my training regime and re-gaining my fitness in preparation for the forthcoming Great Britain crew selection time trials.

Kind regards,

Ian Bowers, Old Windsor, Berkshire

Coach/Paddler for GB Dragon Boat Racing Team

First Parachute Jump – aged 69!

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Tony has been attending for treatment for over 10 years and is able to enjoy all his many activities.

I first visited Balance-Rite Osteopathy over 10 years ago after having fallen into the Thames whilst out rowing (I am a coach at the Staines Rowing Club). Over the years I have seen both Mark & Karen for numerous injuries and strains -too many to list! Having had both osteopathy & acupuncture, I remain active at the age of 70, this year having completed ‘The Grim’ which is 8 miles long and was -3 degrees! and I landed safely after my first sponsored tandem parachute jump!

I visit for treatment sessions once a month, generally to maintain the good work that has been carried out over the years and obviously more frequently when I have an injury!

The fact I have been going for ten years speaks volumes and I have recommended numerous friends and acquaintances over the years, as I know they’ll get their problems sorted out in very good hands.

Tony Rawlings, Staines, Middx.

Enjoys Badminton – aged 75yrs

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Leander has always loved playing badminton.

I have seen many therapists over the years, with varying success depending on their skill – physiotherapy I found to be ineffective as they just prescribed exercises.

I have suffered for some time with low back pain and sciatica. I have a scoliosis (twisted spine) and being 75 years old, Karen explained to me that I was never going to get 100% better.

The explanations, care and treatments were first class and I am more than happy to continue being treated having had some relief after only two treatment sessions.

Leander Taylor
Staines, Middlesex

Enjoys walking the dog, aqua aerobics and gardening – aged 65yrs

I have been treated regularly by both Karen and Mark since 2009. I have found them both to be professional and easy to talk to. Last year I had to undergo a knee replacement and their treatment helped me through the very difficult rehabilitation afterwards.

I now go once a month to keep me mobile and continuing to do the activities I enjoy.

I would recommend Karen and Mark to anyone looking for treatment.

Wendy Capon,
Shepperton, Middlesex.

Knee pain and wanted to be able to wear heels to upcoming wedding.

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Donna was able to wear heels on a her wedding day without suffering knee pain.

I was recommended to see Karen as I had been suffering with knee pain for some time and I was due to get married in a years time.

I wanted to wear heels to my wedding as my fiancee is quite a bit taller than I am! As you can see from the picture I had a fantastic day and was able to wear my shoes all day! I just had to take them off for dancing in the evening-only because they were quite high and not suitable for dancing in!

I now have regular maintenance sessions to make sure the good work remains.

Thanks for everything Karen, you do a fantastic job

Donna Williams
Addlestone, Surrey