15 years of Suffering with Low Back Pain

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Andrea, no longer worries about a slight forward-bending movement immobilising her for weeks and her back no longer aches when she wakes in the morning!

I Have suffered with lower back problems repeatedly over the last 15 years since having an epidural and forceps delivery when I had my son. I was having episodes about twice a year where I would make a simple movement, like bending to dry my legs after a shower and my back would ‘go’. I was unable to move, would have to take strong painkillers (diazepam and niproxin) and would be out of work for at least two weeks. My last episode like this was July 2013. Having had x-rays that found a slight scoliosis in the lumbar spine and early degenerative changes, the doctor only offered pain relief again, not treatment for the problem.

I made the decision to see Karen after she was highly recommended by a friend. During my initial consultation with Karen she recommended weekly half hour treatment sessions to work on correcting the problem and set exercises for me to do every day.

Eight months on and I no longer have the worry of a slight forward movement immobilising me for weeks and my back isn’t sore when I get out of bed in the morning! Continue reading

Pain in whole spine, top to bottom

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Caroline had tried several other osteopaths and initially put off coming to BRO as she didn’t think we would be any different from the many others she had seen. She has not looked back since and her cat, Tabitha, is over the moon with Caroline’s new found energy to chase her!

I have had back problems on and off for the past 25 years and having hit the big 5-0 last year, realised that if I didn’t sort it out now, by the time I reached 60 I may not be able to walk. My back problems have affected all aspects of my life, and I frequently took pain killers to try and deal with the ongoing pain. My problems started with lower back pain and over the years, moved up my back, so that I ended up with pain along the whole of my spine from neck to bottom. I have seen a number of osteopaths over the years who have provided very short term relief, but none that seemed to be able to make any improvements longer term.

Karen was recommended to me and, I have to admit, it was with some trepidation that I went to see her for the first time, after all what could she do that other osteopaths couldn’t? However, it was quite clear from that first session that Karen’s approach was completely different. She commented that my spine was completely “dysfunctional” but reassured me that she would certainly be able to improve things. The techniques Karen has used on me have been quite gentle and encompass the whole spine rather than just cracking one particular area. In fact, very little cracking is involved! After just the first few sessions, I was experiencing a major improvement in mobility and reduced pain. Continue reading

Acute Back Pain and Inability to Move

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Lisa was in such acute back pain, her husband had to lift her in and out of the car to get to our clinic for treatment.

When I went to visit Karen for the first time, I couldn’t actually move. My husband had to lift me in and out of the car. I saw Karen every day for a week just to try and get me moving and reduce the pain I was in.

I had been run over when I was 15 and had shattered my pelvis, damaged my coccyx and also 2 vertebrae. I have since had numerous falls and accidents (down stairs and on ice) all damaging various parts of my body.

By the time I went to see Karen, aged 48yrs, my entire spine had just about given up on me. She told me that the reason I was unable to move was that when an area of the body is in trouble, the body compensates by adjusting the tissues in that area, which in turn causes the rest of the body to adjust. It got to the point where my body had run out ways to adjust, so it just locked up!

I see Karen every week now and have not been so mobile in years, a lot of the problems I just used to put up with, don’t bother me anymore and even the most deep seated injury (over 30 years old) is so much better. Continue reading

Pelvic problems following child-birth

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Joanne has fortnightly treatment as a preventative measure, to keep her body mobile enough to carry out her work and hobbies.

I started seeing Karen after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago in 2011.

I was suffering with headaches and lower back pain following a complicated delivery, Karen discovered that my pelvis was very twisted, probably from having had my legs placed in stirrups during the birthing process.

With gentle manipulation, my pelvis has returned to normal and I was able to continue my hobby of belly-dancing. As I am a complementary and beauty therapist as well as a mother, my hands, shoulders and back take a lot of punishment, from the continual bending and massaging of others.

I now see Karen on a fortnightly basis to keep me healthy and mobile as a preventative measure. With Karen’s help I am able to live an active life and have relatively little pain.

Joanne Sherwood
Chertsey, Surrey


Chronic Back Pain and Back Stiffness


Image showing patients, Amanda & Dallas performing at the theatre in one of their amateur dramatics plays

Amanda & Dallas performing at the theatre in one of their amateur dramatics plays

Having spent the last few years searching for some relief from my back pain, I was pleasantly surprised by finding Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. Karen was extremely welcoming and friendly and put me at ease straight away. I was in acute pain initially and from my first visit felt immediate relief. Subsequent follow-up sessions identified a number of causes of the symptoms I was suffering from and we are now working on pain management and possible long-term remedies.

The whole environment is very relaxing and calming rather than very clinical like others I have visited. Karen treats me holistically which, personally, I think has been so much help. I would not hesitate to recommend Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic to anyone. Continue reading for Amanda’s husband, Dallas’s testimonial. Continue reading