Finds Balance-Rite Osteopathy better than previous chiropractor

I first visited Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic in 2004. I had previously visited a chiropractor, which I did not find helpful, as their treatment never pinpointed the area in question and the treatment was always the same. I have been having treatment sessions now at Balance-Rite at six weekly intervals as a maintenance routine since they sorted out my problem. I always feel better for my visit and treatment. I discuss any problems I’m having and this is attended to, supported with advice and information on how it all works.

Mark and Karen are always friendly and interested, giving time to explain the treatment. In addition to their osteopathy treatment I have also received acupuncture from Mark a couple of times and this was also very beneficial.

The appointments are now something I very much look forward to – Thank you both very much!

Joyce Brooks,
Staines, Middx

Mid and Upper Back Pain

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Peter now enjoys his golf without suffering back pain.

Both my wife and I have used Balance-Rite for some time now and have always received excellent care from both Karen and Mark. In addition to the ‘hands on’ care, I personally have been given extra information regarding self help exercises to support any ongoing treatment and, of course, advice on muscular/skeletal problems is always available.

The new treatment facilities in Chertsey are very ‘Nordic’ adding to the general feeling that you’re in good hands. I have found them to be comfortable and quiet (I like the very soothing background music). Never any problems parking, as the new premises are now located away from busy roads.

Peter Wright
23rd November 2012
Wraysbury, Middlesex

Elbow Pain

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Johnny no longer wakes up during the night in agony

I first started treatment with Karen because I was up every night in the early hours, pacing the room because my elbow was hurting. My doctor had told me it was arthritis and I went to see Karen after my wife and daughter had some very successful treatment.

I was amazed at how, after so long and having not been offered any treatment by my doctor, that I too got relief from my pain. I no longer wake up in the night in agony.

I now have regular maintenance treatment, as Karen not only worked on my elbow but on my whole body – and my hands and back now feel so much better that I look forward to my sessions.

It was at one of these sessions that Karen noticed Continue reading

Knee pain and wanted to be able to wear heels to upcoming wedding.

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Donna was able to wear heels on a her wedding day without suffering knee pain.

I was recommended to see Karen as I had been suffering with knee pain for some time and I was due to get married in a years time.

I wanted to wear heels to my wedding as my fiancee is quite a bit taller than I am! As you can see from the picture I had a fantastic day and was able to wear my shoes all day! I just had to take them off for dancing in the evening-only because they were quite high and not suitable for dancing in!

I now have regular maintenance sessions to make sure the good work remains.

Thanks for everything Karen, you do a fantastic job

Donna Williams
Addlestone, Surrey

Restricted movement in shoulder due to mastectomy & reconstructive surgery

Over 10 years ago I had extensive reconstructive surgery following mastectomy and treatment for breast cancer, but this resulted in the ligaments and muscles in my shoulder becoming tight and restricting the movement. To be honest I thought it was a small price to pay and something that I would have to live with.

But I was wrong, since visiting Karen, in just a few sessions she has managed to restore some of this movement. So now I can actually relax my shoulder, something I haven’t been able to do since my operation TEN years ago! I’m hopeful that after more treatments I’ll improve further.

I’m amazed that after this length of time this was even possible and I wish that I’d known about the treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, when i’d initially had my surgery.

Kind regards

Sue McNulty,
Ashford, Middlesex
Feb 2013

Shoulder Injury

I would like to thank Mark for his help on my shoulder injury.

Throughout the treatment I found him very professional, considerate and helpful. He took time to explain about the injury and how muscle groups work, and how the shoulder was responding to treatment. I was given certain exercises to follow.

At a time when I had just changed jobs and was on a probationary period, I knew that I would receive no sick pay and would lose my job. Throughout this period I was able to continue to work, lifting heavy boxes. I even managed a holiday in Cornwall with no ill affects.

My appointments were conveniently arranged for my day off, so I lost no time off work. I looked forward to the treatments and found them very beneficial.
Gary Meads

Pain in Back, both Hips and Shoulders

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Karin is now able to cycle and swim without pain.

I have had treatment with Karen over the last six months and when I first started I had pain in both hips, my back and shoulders.

I was very surprised that bit by bit the pain moved to different parts of my body and then disappeared. I feel so different now, whereas before I was often in pain during the day and now it has all gone.

In the past I have had many different therapies but I have found Karen’s treatment to be the most successful and am able to do the things I love again, cycling and swimming.

Addlestone, Surrey

Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain after a Road Traffic Accident Seven Months Previously.

I first visited Balance-Rite Osteopathy in January 2014 after having been in a road traffic accident in June 2013. I suffered neck, shoulder and upper back pain and had difficulty in turning my head to the left. The thing that affected me most was being unable to lift and carry my two year old daughter because of the pain.

I was sent to a physiotherapist who gave me six sessions of treatment and on the last treatment cracked my neck- this was very painful at the time and gave me no relief from my neck pain.

When I saw Karen, she explained to me very clearly that the muscles and soft tissues had not been prepared sufficiently to accept a neck manipulation. I was amazed at how differently she worked, compared to the physio. Continue reading

18 months Sufferer of Back and Lower Abdomen Pain

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Ana, after 18 months of suffering, was ecstatic after having treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy clinic and then travelling in a car for 25 hours. She had no pain when she got there and couldn’t believe it!

Karen Brewer has helped me with osteopathy since I was suffering from constant and often really strong pain in my lower abdomen for a year and a half. No medication could help me and often I wasn’t able to get out of the bed and lead a normal life. I am from Serbia and as we do not have osteopaths in our country, I did not know that it would help me.

In the past two years I experienced surgery after an ectopic pregnancy, a stillbirth at 38 weeks of pregnancy and a miscarriage, so I presumed that pain was a consequence of these conditions. Actually, many doctors told me that the pain is caused by the scar tissue that has developed after removal of the fallopian tube and that nothing can be done, except taking paracetamol.

Thanks to Karen’s experience and capability to give a correct diagnosis, after only 2 treatments from her, Continue reading

Low Back Pain & Muscle Spasm

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Only two weeks after an acute episode of low back pain, here is Charlotte enjoying her big day, pain free!

I called Balance-Rite Clinic as I needed an appointment as soon as I could get one, as my back had gone into spasm at the gym a couple of days previously and I could hardly walk because of the pain. I was very worried because my wedding day was only 2 weeks away and I didn’t want to be hobbling down the aisle.

I have suffered with back pain since a fall on to my coccyx when I was 12 years old and I had physiotherapy for around one year after the accident. After suffering for years (I’m 24 now!) with relapses on and off, I recently saw a chiropractor over a period of seven months, but I stopped this because I didn’t feel it was being beneficial for my back, as it felt no different.

At Balance-Rite I couldn’t believe how quickly I was out of pain, I felt a big improvement after the very first session and by the third session I could touch my toes, with a little discomfort, but by the fourth session the pain was gone. The treatment was completely different from the chiropractor who just lay me on my front and cracked my spine. Continue reading