Keen Golfer

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Richard was told by his previous osteopath that there was nothing that could be done, after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, he enjoys a better golf-swing – pain free!

I had only been at my new job for one week and it was a crucial time as the company was moving and we all had to help. I couldn’t believe it when my back suddenly went on me. I couldn’t move. My partner had to take me to A&E where they gave me some painkillers which were no good as I’m allergic to painkillers. I was recommended to go to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic by my massage therapist who had been trying to manage my repeated back problems over the past few years, after I was told by my previous osteopath that there was nothing that could be done for me.

They assessed my whole body mechanics and explained that although I was feeling pain in my right low back, the problem was actually being caused from the spine in the middle of my back. I was told that this is very common in people who play golf, as this sport affects the mechanical functioning of the middle of the spine.

I was also given the option of having an intensive course of treatment, which involved three treatments in the first week, as this would be the quickest way to resolve the problem. I was very dubious, I was, however, in agony and having suffered with a similar problems in the past that took around a month to get better I thought this was being very hopeful. Continue reading

Scoliosis – Canoe racing and half marathons

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Janie has maintenance treatment as she feels it keeps her joints more mobile and her able to enjoy all her activities

I was diagnosed with a scoliosis when I was about 30. I have always been active and enjoyed sport and it has never prevented me from doing anything I wanted to do. I was conscious that having this condition makes it even more important for me to look after myself as the years go by, to prevent pain and problems in later life.

I have been going to Karen for a couple of years now. The treatment is gentle, and I look forward to a good chat with Karen while she does it. I will continue with “maintenance” treatment indefinitely because it noticeably helps to keep my back and joints more mobile, making it easier to continue with all the activities that I love – recent challenges include the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster canoe race, and the “Grim Challenge” as well as a couple of half marathons each year. Long may that continue!

Janie Lee , West End, Surrey


Low Back Injury During Training

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Chloe has returned to her hobby of rowing, pictured at the front in this photo.

I approached Karen for Osteopathy treatment after I had some pain in my lower back. I am part of a rowing club and think I injured myself in one of my training sessions. After realising the pain wouldn’t go away on its own, I was recommended to see Karen from my rowing coach.

I noticed relief after my first treatment. I was able to get back to rowing after just a few treatments and noticed the benefit immediately, I now have much free-er movement in my lower back and no longer experience any pain.

Karen was fantastic; very professional and knowledgeable Continue reading

Chronic Back Pain in patient suffering with Osteoporosis

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Janet, was too frightened to go to an osteopath afraid of having her back ‘cracked’, as she has osteoporosis. She hasn’t looked back since visiting us and no longer suffers with muscle spasms and her back seizing up.

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia which turned into osteoporosis. I had often suffered with my back, regularly having to take pain killers. My daughter went to see Karen for a back problem and when my back kept seizing up and going into spasm she told me to go and see her. To be honest I was too frightened. I was scared that the ‘clunking & clicking’ that osteopaths do would break my bones. My daughter told me that Karen didn’t have to treat that way and that it was very gentle and relaxing. I left it until my back was so bad that I couldn’t bear it any longer and have never looked back.

Karen assessed me and started treatment straight away. There was no ‘clunking or clicking’ in the treatment and it was wonderful to feel easier, straight after the first treatment. After a course of sessions it was great to be able to move freely again and I now have regular treatment to prevent getting back into the state I was in.

I would recommend anyone with osteopenia or osteoporosis and having back aches to see Karen as the treatment is unbelievably good. I went from having been diagnosed with osteopenia to osteoporosis within one year but since seeing Karen it hasn’t got any worse and my back feels so much better, without keep seizing up.

Janet Sherwood
Chertsey, Surrey

Enjoys Gardening and Spending time with her family – Aged 72yrs

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

June’s quality of life has improved tremendously since she began treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. Her debilitating bowel problem has improved, as has her back pain and arthritic hands.

I started coming to see Karen after a recommendation from my daughter. I had spent years suffering from extreme back pain, arthritis in my hands and a debilitating bowel problem which was beginning to rule my life.

I had been examined by countless GP’s, specialists and chiropractors but none had manged to offer me either a conclusive diagnosis or any long term relief.

Within a few visits to Karen, not only was my back starting to show signs of improvement but also the constant numbness in my thumb and pain in my hands and wrists was alleviating. Most notable was the change in my bowel activity. I now have several days of normality following my visit, allowing me to have a quality of life I had long thought would be an impossibility. Visiting Karen was the best decision I ever made. She has helped me more in the last few months than any other professional I have ever seen. I am deeply grateful to her and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

June Evans,
Staines, Middx.

First Parachute Jump – aged 69!

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Tony has been attending for treatment for over 10 years and is able to enjoy all his many activities.

I first visited Balance-Rite Osteopathy over 10 years ago after having fallen into the Thames whilst out rowing (I am a coach at the Staines Rowing Club). Over the years I have seen both Mark & Karen for numerous injuries and strains -too many to list! Having had both osteopathy & acupuncture, I remain active at the age of 70, this year having completed ‘The Grim’ which is 8 miles long and was -3 degrees! and I landed safely after my first sponsored tandem parachute jump!

I visit for treatment sessions once a month, generally to maintain the good work that has been carried out over the years and obviously more frequently when I have an injury!

The fact I have been going for ten years speaks volumes and I have recommended numerous friends and acquaintances over the years, as I know they’ll get their problems sorted out in very good hands.

Tony Rawlings, Staines, Middx.

Enjoys Playing the Organ – aged 74yrs

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Stephen has been attending Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic for over 10 Years and has regular maintenance treatment, to allow him to continue doing the things he enjoys.

I first visited Balance-Rite clinic and saw Mark in 2004. Now at their third clinic in Chertsey, although its further away for me to travel to, it’s still worth the extra distance! Any reluctance goes when I think back to six weeks in bed due to the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

I am completely convinced that I am in the safe hands of two highly qualified practitioners and have recommended them to several of my friends, who now also attend.

The clinic itself is always spotlessly clean and parking is now so much easier than in the previous clinics.

Stephen Gamble,
Stanwell-Moor,  Staines, Middx
19th Feb 2013

Enjoys Badminton – aged 75yrs

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Leander has always loved playing badminton.

I have seen many therapists over the years, with varying success depending on their skill – physiotherapy I found to be ineffective as they just prescribed exercises.

I have suffered for some time with low back pain and sciatica. I have a scoliosis (twisted spine) and being 75 years old, Karen explained to me that I was never going to get 100% better.

The explanations, care and treatments were first class and I am more than happy to continue being treated having had some relief after only two treatment sessions.

Leander Taylor
Staines, Middlesex

Enjoys walking the dog, aqua aerobics and gardening – aged 65yrs

I have been treated regularly by both Karen and Mark since 2009. I have found them both to be professional and easy to talk to. Last year I had to undergo a knee replacement and their treatment helped me through the very difficult rehabilitation afterwards.

I now go once a month to keep me mobile and continuing to do the activities I enjoy.

I would recommend Karen and Mark to anyone looking for treatment.

Wendy Capon,
Shepperton, Middlesex.

Enjoys Gardening – Aged 85yrs

I am very satisfied with the treatment I have had from Mark. He has successfully corrected several problems I have had.

The new treatment environment is tasteful and relaxing and I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic to friends.

I have found it easy to make prompt bookings and there is no problem with getting there or with parking.

These feelings are echoed by my husband, who is also a patient of Mark’s.

Daphne Palmer,
Shepperton, Middlesex