Injections into the neck of headache sufferer for over 6 yrs are avoided – after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic

Image of patient whose headaches of 6 years were resolved after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey, Surrey

Headaches resolved without having to suffer injections into her neck!

I have suffered with headaches for 61/2 years since 2009 at the age of sixteen. They began suddenly and progressed to be a daily event, where I woke with a headache, suffered all day and went to bed with a headache. Now aged twenty-two, I have tried many different therapies to get rid of them. One of the problems was that the headaches were not always the same or in the same place, they moved around my head, they would have different intensities and could be associated with sickness but sometimes not. I initially had blood tests, eye tests and saw a consultant neurologist who was very rude to me, saying “what are you doing here, there is nothing wrong with you!”

 My doctor prescribed medication and referred me for 10 sessions of physiotherapy in 2011. It was too painful to have my neck and upper back moved by the therapist so I received massage in the form of stroking to my head, neck & upper back which was in spasm. I also had acupuncture and was prescribed exercises to do in between treatment sessions.

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Acute Muscle Spasm following ‘quick fix’ HVT manipulative treatment

I called Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic in desperation after I had experienced a sharp pain across my low back, with pain shooting into my legs and I was left in agony. I had done nothing to cause this pain other than walk up a few steps but it stopped me in my tracks. I had seen a different osteopath in Chertsey a few weeks previously for neck and low back pain, but was unable to get hold of them and was very concerned, as I had never experienced pain like this before.

Even though I am only 31 years old, I have suffered with low back pain, pain between my shoulders and neck pain for many years with frequent episodes of pain. During such an episode, I have been to see many osteopaths over the years and they would treat me with a combination of massage, manipulation and ultrasound, directing treatment to the area of my painful symptoms. This was the treatment I had received two weeks earlier.

However, on this occasion, Karen took a photograph of my back showing me where my back had gone into a protective muscle spasm and what this had done to my pelvis and spine. She explained that after many years of repeated manipulations, mechanically my back was no longer able to adjust for this ‘quick-fix’ method of manipulation to the symptomatic areas of my body, hence the sudden severe pain with no causative factor. The photograph clearly showed how my problems were far greater than just the two areas where I was feeling pain, and what Karen explained made perfect sense.

In all the years I have seen other osteopaths, I have never been shown these problems in my back, or has it been explained to me to why I keep suffering these episodes of pain.

Karen explained to me that in order to get me out of the acute pain I was in, I would need intensive treatment over a one to two week period. I saw Karen daily for three days, feeling easier after each treatment and then had a gap of 3 days, during which time Karen said I should continue each day to feel easier, which I did. By the time I saw her again for the fourth treatment, only 6 days after the acute episode occurred, I was very much better and back to where I had been three weeks previously when I saw the other osteopath.

What I found remarkable, was that Karen’s treatment was so different from any osteopathic treatment I have received in the past and that her whole treatment approach was very gentle. It didn’t hurt and because of this, I didn’t dread going to see her each time. I was already suffering extreme pain and I didn’t want to be worked on in such a way that it caused me any more pain than I was already in!

At the fourth treatment Karen took another photograph and it was amazing to see how in less than a week, you could see the difference that had been made. I am also very pleased at the speed in which Karen has got me out of pain and would recommend her approach to anyone suffering with pain.

Paul Frith, Chertsey, Surrey

Six months of head pain & a ‘fuzzy’ head

Stock photo showing a woman with head pain.

“It’s a virus” the gp said “take ibuprofen four times a day for a month.”

“It’s a virus” the doctor told me, “take ibuprofen four times a day for one month”. I couldn’t believe this was the case. I was having pain in the right side of my neck and into my right shoulder and was unable to turn my head properly, I was also experiencing a very ‘fuzzy,’ unclear head which made it very difficult for me to concentrate for too long. I had also explained that each month, on the day before my period was due, I was getting a really nasty pain on the top of my head which eased off, but didn’t go completely. I’d been having these symptoms on and off now for six months and they were getting increasingly worse. So when I told my friend what the doctor had said, she immediately said, “go and see Karen, at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic”.

I made an appointment straight away and Karen assessed me thoroughly, showed me pictures and explained to me that I had areas of mechanical dysfunction in my spine which could be affecting the blood supply to my head and neck. Continue reading

I couldn’t turn my head for neck pain – one week before flying to Vegas to get married!

A colleague of mine gave me the number for Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic because I kept telling him how my neck was hurting. It was a few months until I actually called because I kept putting it off and now, as a self-employed builder, I don’t know why I left it so long! I was forced to call in the end because I couldn’t turn my neck properly to the right and had pain going down my neck and into my right shoulder blade. I was flying off to Vegas to get married and was dreading the flight with my neck the way it was, with only a week to go!

I’ve had problems with my neck for the past 10-15 yrs and x-rays 6-7 yrs ago, showed arthritis in my low neck. The pain varied depending on what work I was doing but generally I am always uncomfortable. I was waking every night at 3 or 4am with pain in my neck, hands and elbows. During the day I was having bouts of tunnel vision, that was like a wavy heat haze in front of your eyes, and lasted up to an hour. Continue reading

Acute Back Pain on Holiday

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Gary couldn’t believe how different our treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy was compared to the five other osteopaths he has seen in the past.

I was away on holiday in August 2012, staying in a hotel and had bent down to do my boot up in my room just before breakfast and felt a surge of pain in my back and it just seized-up and I couldn’t move. The landlady and my wife both had to help me down the stairs so I could eat breakfast. When I got home I was still in agony and my neighbour recommended I go to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic because they had sorted him out.

I have been to five or six different osteopaths over the years around where I live in Staines and one in Feltham, as my back kept ‘seizing-up’ every six months or so. They all treated me pretty much the same – with a ‘quick- fix’ or a ‘rush & crack’ is what I’d call it! A bit of massaging in my back, a stretch where it hurt and then a crack. I’m glad I found Balance-Rite. Their treatment is very different and so much better. I had a course of treatment, which treated my whole body each time, not just the bit that hurt! And once the pain was gone Continue reading

Sciatica & leg pain took me to the osteopath – their quick referral found a tumour in my leg muscle

I had been suffering with sciatica for over three weeks before a family member recommended I went to Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. I had been putting mastik on some guttering up a ladder and the next day I was feeling pain in my low back, groin, right thigh & hip & pins and needles in my leg, during the night just above my ankle I had an awful aching, which prevented me from sleeping well. During the day this was a dull ache. I had seen my Gp three weeks previously about the sciatica but I also asked for advice on a large lump I had found in the front of my thigh/groin. The gp told me “she didn’t know what it is, but doesn’t think its anything to worry about” and for the sciatic pain prescribed strong painkillers.

I was exhausted when I saw Karen on my first session, through pain and lack of sleep. Karen thoroughly assessed my whole spine and pelvis and also felt and examined the lump in my leg. Continue reading

Acute Muscle Spasm after getting out of the bath

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Amy couldn’t believe how different our treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy was compared to the physio

I called Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic in agony because I could hardly walk due to pain in my back. The previous day, I had been to see a physiotherapist with 25 years experience, in Ashford, Surrey and received no relief at all from my symptoms. She diagnosed an acute muscle spasm, barely touched me apart from some rocking of my back, advising my husband who was with me, that he should do this to me. She then gave me some exercises to do, which were impossible for me to do in the state I was in, as I needed help just to walk. I left there, feeling no different, still in agony and that I had wasted £45.00, as I could have looked up exercises for my back online. My mother-in-law convinced me to see her osteopath, Karen, who had won an award recently for ‘outstanding practice’ and that I certainly wouldn’t be wasting any more of my money as she is excellent.

I had to get a lift to her clinic, where I had to be helped in by my dad as I could barely walk. During examination I was unable to bend as I was in so much pain and Karen explained to me that my back had gone into a deep protective muscle spasm, Continue reading

Acute Back Pain

Image of a patient, next to her testimonial

Perm is now able to participate in all her sporting activities pain free.

I have been seeing Karen for a few years now. My initial ailment was acute back pain from years of stress that had taken its toll on my back and the muscles around it. Karen was excellent in diagnosing and treating the problem areas. It was going to take time to undo the all the years of aggravation that had developed and Karen dealt with it perfectly. Once I regained full movement in my back I have continued to see her on a regular basis to maintain the structure and ensure I do not regress.

Sometime later, I embarked on a charity ride to cycle from London to Barcelona. This places significant strain, not only on my back, but other areas. However, under Karen’s supervision, I was able to nip any issues in the bud and enjoy the trip.

Karen is highly capable and her ability to treat multiple ailments has been invaluable to me. I have had treatments from other osteopaths before and I would never go back. The holistic treatment I have had and continue to receive, helps me get on with my life without any restrictions. I would highly recommend Karen.

Thank you for all your help Karen – you are amazing!

Permjeet Brar, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey

GB Dragon Boat Coach/Paddler

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Ian was able to return to his sport, having tried 2 months therapy from both a chiropractor & a physiotherapist. He got no relief from his very acute symptoms until he visited us at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic

Many thanks for sorting out my injury as quickly as possible.

After making no progress in almost two months of treatment with a chiropractor and physio, I was starting to wonder whether I would be able to resume my sport.

Thanks to your efforts, I am now fully back into my training regime and re-gaining my fitness in preparation for the forthcoming Great Britain crew selection time trials.

Kind regards,

Ian Bowers, Old Windsor, Berkshire

Coach/Paddler for GB Dragon Boat Racing Team

Keen Rower and Runner

Image of a patient, next to his testimonial

Rob attends Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic for regular maintenance treatment to enable him to enjoy all his activities.

I first used Balance-Rite Osteopathy clinic a few years ago, for no reason other than hitting my late fifties!

Being a fairly fit / sports individual ( I row three times a week in an old boys crew and have been rowing for 40 years, I do runs and push a few light weights ) I thought, what might keep my body in good health!

If you think about it, you will service and maintain your car but strangely not your body. So given the downward pull of gravity on the body, aching joints and inflexibility looming, I decided to do a regular maintenance routine on my body, hence every three weeks getting all the progressive defects attended to by Karen or Mark.

They have done a fab job in keeping me straight and ache free and this has really helped my posture and how I feel, I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone and fully recommend the regular visit, irrespective of problems or not. It just helps the body so much.

Rob Strange, 26/02/2013 – Photo taken at The Grim at Aldershot