Neck Pain – caused by multiple areas of mechanical dysfunction

Neck pain – caused by multiple areas of mechanical dysfunction

Image showing a patient before & after treatment

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This patient presented primarily with neck pain but had other areas of discomfort in her chest, knees and right foot. She had seen an osteopath in Weybridge, Surrey two weeks earlier, where she had two sessions of osteopathic treatment which consisted of having only her neck massaged, articulated and then “cracked”. The rest of her body was not treated. Her neck felt easier after the second session, but it returned a couple of days later feeling much worse than it had done, before visiting the osteopath. The left photograph shows the whole body alignment of this patient after treatment in Weybridge & before treatment at our clinic. The right photograph shows this patient after only ONE treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. Continue reading for details of how this patient was assessed and treated with our whole body approach.

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