Ankle pain due to pes planus (flat feet) in 11 year old boy

Photos showing a patient before and after treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, Chertsey, Surrey.

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This eleven year old boy had been suffering with right ankle pain during the day and at night, for 3 years before attending Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic. He was diagnosed by his Gp with ‘growing pains’ and four months before attending our clinic, was prescribed orthotics to put inside his shoes and trainers, to correct his dropped arches and flat feet. These did not help or improve his ankle pain.  After only one half-hour treatment at Balance-Rite Osteopathy Clinic, his symptom of pain had gone and one year on, still has not returned!  Continue reading to find out how our different approach to treatment eased his pain without the need for orthotics and why ‘growing pains’ should not be ignored. Continue reading